Student News: Make money whilst sending your e-mails

Young Academic has come across a unique way for students to make some real money whilst sending their academic and personal e-mails. Brought you from the same guys that introduced the wicked new social networking platform Kewlmates – this scheme could be a real winner.
Kewlpost (“cool-post”) is a new premium e-mail service that not only looks set to change the way we send emails but also provides its subscribers with a significant ongoing ‘zero-effort’ income plan, quite unmatched by anything else offered on the UK market.
Kewlpost is operated by Kewlpost.com Ltd, a UK based non-profit company  offering a fast, efficient and innovative email solution which is stacked with impressive features and user benefits. These include unlimited storage, auto deletions and vacation functions, as well as pop3, mobile, desktop and browser access. For a very low monthly start up cost Kewlpost are offering a truly unique and high-end premium email product.
One of the key factors which makes the new Kewlpost system so attractive to subscribers is the automatic profit share payments which ensure that subscriptions become rapidly self-funding and enable ‘no deposit’ and ‘no card’ payment processing.
Upon signing up to Kewlpost every subscriber is automatically enrolled in the company’s affiliate programme as part of the Kewlpost.com services package. All affiliates automatically qualify from day one and will earn regular commission payments across 10 levels covering all clients whether signing up directly or indirectly for the kewlpost.com services package. However. Kewlpost provide 100% of the marketing and gain the sales on behalf of each affiliate with each new prospect joining through one of two links.
The company’s advanced software then chooses an affiliate at random and assigns that affiliate as the direct sponsor of the new sign up. In doing so, nine other affiliates are also chosen to be in the new user’s upline. Therefore whenever a new user joins the service, or when a subscription is renewed, instead of Kewlpost taking any profit, ten other users will each receive an equal share in the profit each of those transactions produces, resulting in repeated payouts and a continual and reliable source of revenue.
Every subscription is ring fenced within the user’s earnings so they never miss a payment.
Payments made through the Kewlpost payment processor automatically cease and future subscription payments are made directly from the subscriber’s earnings.  Further benefits include free user to user money transfers and invoicing as well as the ability to make payments in instalments and schedule free regular bill payments. The system also provides users with a payment button wizard. This offers an alternative payment option to allow the merchant to use a seperate payment processor alongside Kewlpost.
Kewlpost is available at a low monthly subscription of juts $19.95 per month and new subscribers can currently enjoy two months free by paying just $199.95 for a full 12 month subscription to the service.
To find out more about the most advanced premium email system available visit the company’s website at www.kewlpost.com

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