Young Academic’s Spring Style Tips For UK Students

young academic spring

In just a short while, the cold of winter will be gone, and the warm, sunny spring season will be upon us. This of course means that students all across the U.K. will be gearing up to debut their warm-weather fashion before too long. To some extent, dressing for spring is simply about peeling off a layer or two and enjoying the chance to dress more casually and lightly. However, there are also specific styles and trends that will be popping up as soon as the spring arrives, so here are a few tips for stylish students, both in men’s and women’s fashion.young academic student fashion

For Men

    • Keep Your Baseball Jacket – One of the hottest warm-weather outerwear trends of 2013 is rolling right into 2014, according to GQ—and it’s ideal for student fashion. The baseball jacket is vintage, comfortable, casual and fashionable all at once, and it can be worn in a huge variety of colours. Plus, it tends to be lighter, which makes it ideal as outerwear for a seasonal transition.
    • Go Navy – Navy blazers and suits have taken fashion by storm in the past year or so, and the trend remains strong in 2014. For your formalwear, for interview attire, and elsewhere, try to pick up a classic navy blue suit for your wardrobe. And if you want to be particularly stylish about it, complement the suit with dark brown leather shoes.
    • Live By The Crewneck – In a section displaying five signature tips for men’s spring fashion, M&S cites the crewneck sweater as a perfect, versatile piece to be an underlying feature on a variety of outfits. Worn casually with a pair of jeans or slightly more formally beneath a blazer, a plain-coloured crewneck can be a wonderfully convenient selection for any man’s spring wardrobe.

student fashion guidesFor Women

    • Break Out The Pink – Cosmopolitan makes note of the fact that while pink was surprisingly popular this past winter, its pale shades are growing bolder and brighter for the spring of 2014. This plays into traditional brightness themes for the season and also works wonderfully with the floral designs we’re seeing on so many casual spring outfits.
    • Go With Shine & Iridescence – That same Cosmopolitan post also mentions the tendency of this season’s styles to shine brightly. Shimmering clothing and iridescent shades will be everywhere this coming spring, and give you some fun, bold options to show off around school!
    • Sport Your Logos – This vintage ’90s trend, as written about by Grazia, should be a lot of fun for this upcoming season. That especially goes for young people and casual attire. Essentially, the idea is to wear your logos (and in some cases even random words) artistically and loudly written across clothing. It’s a wonderfully carefree style that will be very prominent in the coming months.

As always, fashion trends for the spring and summer of 2014 go beyond a few tips. But these colour and style recommendations can give any student a great start at compiling a fashionable wardrobe for the months ahead!

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