UK Student Fashion Tips On A Budget


Do you want to look your best for when you start University, but need to save some of that student loan for your newfound adult responsibilities? Well, take these top tips into consideration to help keep you stunning and fashionable all through term, without breaking the bank.

Versatile clothing

You can always splurge and treat yourself to an expensive coat or pair of jeans once in a while, but a great way to keep you from overspending regularly is to make sure the treat you’re buying yourself is versatile.

A great example would be shoes. There are some quality brands out there that make gorgeous shoes that cost a fortune – but the flimsiness of them means you can only wear them when it’s dry outside, or only on the most immaculate pavement (most pavements are very much NOT immaculate).

Replacing worn-out clothes will cost you in the long run, but with materials like full grain leather, you can look amazing with a one-off payment and keep looking amazing for years to come.

Learn To Sew

If you don’t buy strong materials and you want to keep your best jeans or jacket looking great, you better learn how to stitch them back together.

This isn’t just for doing repairs; you can make all sorts of creative new looks by stitching together the remnants of your old clothes. Try adding a new flair to a raggedy pair of jeans with a different coloured patch on the inside.

Get inventive with patchwork to get a chic new look for only the cost of a needle and thread.

Look out for bargains

You don’t need to compromise on looks when it comes to dressing on a budget – just be savvy when picking where to buy. You’re lucky enough to have grown up in an age where the Internet has always been available to you, so there’s no excuse for not taking advantage of the sales and deals out there.

For the lads, there’s affordable flannel shirts and stylish short sleeves from Dickies Life to keep you looking your best on those nights out without overspending.

Plus, as a student, you’re entitled to an NUS Extra card, which gives you bags of great discounts on leading clothes brands.

Charity Shops

Never turn your nose up at a charity shop – you never know what gems you might find. Charity shops get a bad reputation for being full of junk that nobody else wants, but as the saying goes: one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.

If you can’t find any clothes you like but you find something with a cute pattern you like, then buy it and go to town on it with a sewing machine. Charity shops are the best and cheapest resource for clothing material – perfect if you’re a creative type who loves trying out different styles.

Keep saving those pennies…

If you follow these tips, not only will your wardrobe be beautiful and cost-effective, but by the end of it all you will have saved up quite a nest egg. Use it to keep on top of all of your bills (and finance next season’s wardrobe).


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