Topshop Launches New Student App with SCVNGR

Congratulations to all university students-to-be who recently found out they got on their university courses. At Young Academic, we’ve been getting prepared for another busy academic year and look to bring you the latest in student news as well essential music, events and student fashion news in the build up to September. The latest to grab our attention is the recent partnership between student fave, Topshop and digital pioneers, SCVNGR.


How Young is Too Young in the Fashion Industry?

Student Fashion

As the student fashion section starts to take shape, Young Academic takes a look at the controversy in the fashion industry that once again has reared its ugly head. In the news this week is the debate over young models. Has the world of fashion gone too far or is it just pushing boundaries in a quest to become a bit more edgy?


Lady Gaga Wears Dress Designed By Fashion Graduate

Lady Gaga

As students enjoy their (not so sunny) summer holidays, Young Academic continues to bring you the latest in student fashion and education news. In latest news, graduate fashion designer Rebecca Short makes the headlines as Lady Gaga chooses her unique design.


Autumn/Winter 2011 Fashion Trends on a Student Budget

education news student fashion

As the rain continues to pour down and we all sit confused, wondering if we fell asleep and missed summer this year, thoughts quickly turn to our winter wardrobes. In essential student fashion news, Young Academic gives you the lowdown on the Autumn/Winter trends for 2011 and how to look good for less.


Will the Amy Winehouse Trademark Fashion Style be Missed as Much as her Music?

education news amy winehouse

Famous for her beehive and unique music, Amy Winehouse will be sorely missed by music and fashions fans alike. With her death, comes the sad realisation that her talent has been lost forever. Young Academic looks at the fashion contribution of the Back to Black singer after her tragic death over the weekend in essential student fashion news.


All Walks Founders Launch Campaign for Diversity in the Fashion Industry

student fashion

A government backed proposal saying that fashion students will be obliged to use size 18 mannequins is to be unveiled next month. With more student fashion news, Young Academic today takes a look into the initiative which aims to force designers to remember the average British woman is a size 16-18.


Student Fashion Trends and Subcultures

Student fashion, how could we define it, describe it? Is it a stereotype? Or are we all sheep following the ram in the trend stakes desperately seeking ‘a look’? I’m going to probe into the more recent history of student fashion and investigate the unfortunate faux pas and the triumphant get-ups that we all endure, seek out the good, the bad, the ‘what were you thinking?’ and discover what actually is the student ethos?


Controversial Report Supports Skinny Models in the Fashion Industry


We are constantly bombarded with the concept of the ‘perfect’ body but is it corrupting the fashion world and the women seduced by it? Stepping away from the usual entertainment and student news, today Young Academic looks into the idea of the unattainable form of models and the controversial report which supports size zero.