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Young Academic Interview with Fashion PR Manager Kelly Meade


Fashion is a fiercely competitive industry to work in, with roles spanning from social media to the catwalk itself. With the end of term approaching, applications for internships, graduate schemes and work experience will be flooding in to fashion brands. Young Academic decided to look a little closer at how a role in fashion might look.

Lifestyle Is Tumblr Killing Personal Style? - These Stylish Streets

What Effect is Tumblr Having on Personal Style?


This week, Rachel, our student fashion editor and writer of blog These Stylish Streets, questioned where Tumblr sits within the world of fashion and discusses the effects it is having on personal style. Are the advances in social media and a blogger’s thirst for recognition in fact killing style?

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ASOS Could Prove to Be the Ideal Choice for Students this Winter/Spring


Any regular readers here at Young Academic will be well aware that we are not in the business of soulless advertising, but we have been made aware of some scintillating offers from ASOS that could well be ideal for fashion minded students this winter/spring. It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female either – the new range is jam-packed with great value products from women’s boots to handbags and backpacks.

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