Children in Need Creates a Need to Gunge for the UCAS Team

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As the UK’s main Student Portal, Young Academic brings students the news on theUK’s main student service, UCAS. The UCAS team have been part of truly magnificent fundraising activities for Children in Need and here are the facts on what happened last Friday in Cheltenham. We should all congratulate the UCAS team on going out of their way to raise money, and the details on how you can do that will be in this report.

Everybody likes to see someone get gunged from time to time and in the name of charity UCAS will be gunging one of their managers in a bid to raise money. How will they decide who gets gunged? Every member of staff will have the chance to vote for the manager who they wish to see get gunged, they can vote as many times as they like and each vote will cost them 50 pence, all of which will go to helping children around the world.

The gunging idea is a new one this year, and took place on Friday the 18th of November with many more events occurring such as; face painting, cake sales, colouring competitions, fancy dress and a quiz. So congratulations to UCAS who have provided so many possible ways to raise money for such a fantastic cause.

A UCAS adviser, Roxy Williams who arranged the gunging said: “As well as organising the usual cake sale this year; we wanted to do something different and fun. The voting system has been very popular and we’re all looking forward to seeing a manager covered in slime. Every manager involved has been a great sport, although I’m guessing the unlucky one won’t be so happy on Friday”.

Photos from the fundraising event can be requested by email and all the events occurred at the UCAS Headquarters inCheltenham, Gloucestershire. Also a new blog page has been created since UCAS won the award of ‘Most Effective Use of Social Media’, a story that Young Academic previously covered and is still available on this website. So any comments on UCAS as a service or its spectacular fundraising activities can be left on the newly formed blog page.

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