Sprucing Up Your Student House for 2016


With term starting again for the year, many of you will no doubt be getting prepared for another action packed semester. Whilst your attentions should most definitely be on your studies, some of the more domesticated out there may well be looking to give their student digs a bit of a refresh. If this is the case for you, be sure to read our tips for sprucing up your student house in 2016.

Thrifty Shopping

With the January sales currently hitting their peak, now could be the best time to get some great stuff for your beloved gaff. With parties galore most likely in the offing, providing your buddies with a cool place to get together could well make you very popular this term.

Stores such as Matalan and Wilkinsons will no doubt have all sorts available at a reduced price and you should not delay, as this stuff will be full price again in no time. From beer and wine glasses to pasta bowls and coasters, this really is the best time to be kitting your humble abode up for 2016.

Interior Décor

You can put together the cool and quirky student house on a budget these days, from extravagant shelving and funky kitchens to bean bags and vibrant artwork you can get some great inspiration from our friends at Slingsby. If you are concentrating on your kitchen in particular (which is obviously the most important room in the house), then may want to look at some of the cool, modern storage cabinets now on the market.


As a bit of a luxury tip, have you seen the price of snassy TV’s these days. The likes of Tesco now do flatscreen HD tellies for just a few hundred quid, which is more than affordable if all your housemates chip in. This could be an absolute winner for PlayStation or Xbox or even if you fancy watching Netflix and chilling!

So there you have it, the Young Academic guide to sprucing up your student house for the forthcoming year. Follow these tips and your house could go down in student folklore and it won’t have cost you a packet either!

Be sure to let us know you get on and you can send your advice for new student into us at [email protected], you could well see yourself featured on the UK’s favourite student news site.

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