Should I Kit Out My Student House?

student house
As our regular readers will be able to tell you, we are absolutely committed to bringing UK students all they need to know about their first year at University. We speak to our campus correspondents all the time to find out what the biggest questions freshers have and today we are looking to provide some answers to one of the big student conundrums of the moment; student accommodation.

With student digs not always being the highest in quality, some people like to kit them out a bit so they look and feel a bit nicer. Indeed, this could well be where you are going to live for the next one or two years after all. The issue often is whether or not you want to spend time and money improving a house that isn’t yours; student landlords rarely put much effort into doing their properties up through fear of it being trashed at a house party.

Shop Clever…

Our advice is most certainly that there are things you can do that won’t break the bank and that you should live in an environment you enjoy. When you have limited cash and lots of studying to do, you will need to spend a lot of time at your student house so making sure it looks nice and is comfortable is definitely a good idea.

As we have discussed in previous features, you can look to sites like Pinterest and Instagram for some inspiration for cheap ways to improve your house, and on a budget as well. A few quid can go a very long way and turn a shabby student room into somewhere you and your friends can chill in style. Some of the more innovative online furniture stores can be a great shout as well and should be checked out.

Think Garden…

Another space that many students forget about is the garden area. If you have an overgrown garden or even concrete space, you can very easily turn this into a bit of a party zone using cheap composite decking and even some furniture from a budget store like Wilkinsons or Argos. You can then throw parties such as barbecues and get all your friends to bring the food and beer, then you can sit back and relax. Just a few of these parties will most probably cover the cost of anything you have spent on your garden. Take a look at Arbordeck if you need some inspiration.

In summary, it is definitely our advice to invest just a little bit of your cash into making your student house that little bit nicer. You may not appreciate the initial cost but throughout the year you will enjoy the benefit and you parents will definitely appreciate you not living in a right old dump!

If you have any suggestions for students wanting to spruce up their home on a budget, please send your suggestions to [email protected].

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