Sprucing Up Your Student House for 2016


With term starting again for the year, many of you will no doubt be getting prepared for another action packed semester. Whilst your attentions should most definitely be on your …

Finding Student Accommodation at the Last Minute

student house

There are several reasons you might need to find student accommodation at the last minute when a lot of available beds are already taken. Perhaps it’s your first year and you’ve failed to get into your first choice uni but you’ve got a place somewhere else through clearing.

Should I Kit Out My Student House?

student house

As our regular readers will be able to tell you, we are absolutely committed to bringing UK students all they need to know about their first year at University.

When Is The Perfect Time to Look for Student Accomodation?

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As part of our continued commitment to giving students all the resources they need this summer, whether it be via our great course guides or promotions and internships, we have decided to take a look at a very important subject this afternoon; that of student accommodation.