Smash Your Exams Through Stress Free Study

Welcome to Young Academic and our very first student news article! We are delighted to be able to tell you that online charity YouthNet and national agony uncle Matt Whyman have launched a guide to dealing with anxiety and stress, to help the millions of pupils and students facing a summer of exams and revision.

The charity already offers exam-stress advice and support on its ‘guide to life’ for 16 to 25 year-olds,, and is working with Matt Whyman to get the message out there that help is available.

Matt, who has years of experience as an expert and author on young people’s issues says: “The revision period is an intense time and many young people don’t appreciate the strain they’re under – stress caused by the pressure to meet personal and external expectations.

“Our message to students is to keep your cool during revision and remember that help is out there. If you’re struggling, be honest with yourself and seek support. That way you can look back knowing you gave it your best shot.”

Guide to a stress-free exam season:

• Stress can be a positive force – turn it to your advantage and use it to stay on top of revision

• Exams are about you and nobody else, so avoid comparing yourself with mates in terms of confidence and preparation

• It’s natural your family want you to do well, but don’t worry about letting them down. What matters is that you try your best

• In the thick of revision, it’s easy to let the pressure get on top of you. Talking is the surest way to get anxieties in perspective

• If you need support and advice, try for a personalised email from one of our stress-busting experts

• Ultimately, don’t lose sight of the fact that there is life after exams. Things might seem intense right now, but it won’t last forever.

Top revision tips:

• It’s never too early or too late to start preparing for exams – decide how much time you have and draw up a realistic revision plan
• Set aside revision time on a regular basis so you cover all your subjects without stressing or overdoing it
• Break-up your revision time with short breaks and use them as a reward for all your hard work
• Revise where you won’t be distracted. If you need a computer, don’t lose yourself in social networking and browsing – keep that for breaks
• Stick to your revision plan so you can enter your exams knowing you’re as ready as possible – ultimately, it’s the surest way to shine.

Young people worried about exams or stress can receive a personal, expert answer to any question about emotional wellbeing through’s askTheSite service, or get advice from and share tips with other young people on’s discussion boards., run by charity YouthNet, provides straight-talking, anonymous information and advice 24 hours a day, on subjects including work & study, drink & drugs, and sex & relationships. Its bespoke question and answer service, askTheSite, provides young people with a confidential, personal answer to any question within three working days. Work and study questions are answered by experts from partner organisation bss, who advise on education and careers.

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