September Launch of iPhone 5 Back on Track?

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Further to yesterday’s Young Academic report on the latest student news topic to emerge, the battle between the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3, we have been made aware of some important developments. I t has been hinted that any students looking to get their brand new iPhone 5 handset before the start of the academic year could have been left disappointed as the release had been put back to late October. However, today’s reports actually suggest that a release date in September may be more accurate.

Although, this hardly leaves much time before the start of lectures and seminars, this could help the iPhone 5 to secure the British student’s nickel.

Last week, an unnamed source had told a reliable digital source in the USA to expect an October launch.  Apple often like to keep people guessing so students and young academic were left none the wiser as to when they could lay their hands on one of the eagerly anticipated devices of 2011.

However, two recent  reports actually indicate that the phone will be available in September after all. Taiwanese tech site Digitimes has insinuated that manufacturer Pegatron has landed a 10,000,000 order for the iPhone 5, to be dispatched in September.

Even more recently than that, The Guardian has reiterated that an October release doesn’t fit in line with reports regarding carrier testing.  It also seemingly doesn’t fit in line with Apple’s conduct history and the firm has no reason to shorten retail time before the holiday season.

So guys, make of that what you will. Reports seem to indicate that the original release time of September is still correct but this is Apple we’re talking about so who knows hey!

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