SchoolsWorld Created Following Cessation of Government Funding for Teachers TV

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The Government’s decision in 2011 to stop funding the UK’s largest teachers’ Continual Professional Development (CPD) resource, Teachers TV, caused great concern among educationalists across the UK. In fantastic education news, Young Academic can bring you news of a splendid new resource by the name of Schools World.

In response Ten Alps Plc – the company that developed and managed Teachers TV – launched SchoolsWorld, a site specifically allowing free access to all 3,500 videos and resources from the Teachers TV archive.

Over the last 8 months the team at SchoolsWorld have been busy behind the scenes building, enhancing and extending the content and developing a brand new site, allowing not just teachers but everybody in and around the world of schools, free access to an incredible range of educational content.

SchoolsWorld now has:

  • a section for pupils and students, with fun interactives and content to help with their learning and revision.
  • a new section for parents brings a wealth of best practice videos and information on subjects ranging from understanding the UK education system, to dealing with the first day at school, bed wetting, or drink and drugs. This is in partnership with one of the UK’s leading parenting charities – Parenting UK.
  • a section to help businesses understand how they can get involved with the educational arena – helping their engagement with and support of schools locally and nationally.

This highly interactive and engaging resource will even feature a bite sized daily digest of educational news and features.

James Lumber Assistant Head at Hamworthy Middle School Poole, Dorset said; “SchoolsWorld collects together in one place valuable CPD training for teachers, NQTs and Governors, but really interesting is the harnessing of good advice for Parents. Parents play a pivotal role in their child’s education and the more best practice hints and tips they can get easily, is all to our advantage. It will be interesting to see the content for children grow too especially with free, quality engaging interactives and sound bitesize information.”

To celebrate the launch, SchoolsWorld have teamed up with Guinness World Records, to offer an incredible opportunity for schools to win a visit from the ‘Worlds Tallest Man’ Sultan Kosen.  Guinness World Records recently launched a suite of cross-curricula resources using a wealth of content from the 2012 Edition to help bring to life the curriculum in the classroom all of which is available via SchoolsWorld as well as their own website.

Peter Bertram Ten Alps Chairman said; “We’re proud of our unique innovative site SchoolsWorld.

It not only extends the original, widely acclaimed Teachers TV CPD for teachers, but provides fun stimulus for children and through a unique partnership with Parenting UK, provides clear best practise videos and information for Parents. It is for all those involved in the world of schools – and due soon is the section for businesses and Corporates, who engage with schools whether through providing work experience, employee engagement or CSR programmes.”

Schools interested in registering for their chance to win can visit www.schoolsworld.tv

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