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If you’re rapidly running out of your student loan or trying to plan a summer holiday with pals, you’ll need to save money wherever possible. Often, a huge drain on your finances is transport. Getting around campus can be costly, so take a look at our top tips for saving some cash.


Why shell out on expensive transport when you can get from A to B for absolutely nothing? Walking is a great way of getting around, especially if you study at a city campus, where everything is relatively close together. Just make sure you have a decent pair of comfortable shoes!

Of course, you won’t be able to walk every journey. Even so, swapping a couple of taxi rides for a brisk walk will give you some extra cash to top up your savings.


Buses are a great way of getting around, as they’re cheap, frequent and cover a large area. Plus, if you’re savvy with the tickets you buy, you can get even more for your money.

Take Stagecoach for example. They offer unirider tickets, a type of student bus pass. The pass offers unlimited travel within your chosen area and is purchased on a termly basis. This means the more you travel, the better value for money you get. When compared to buying multiple single or return tickets over the duration of a term, it’s definitely a more cost-effective option.


While taxis can be expensive, if you’re fussy about the cab companies you use, you can save a small fortune. You’ve probably already heard about Uber, the new digital savvy taxi company. You can use the app to order and pay for your car, so there’s no need to fumble around for cash.

The company often offers lower charges per minute and per mile than some other taxis, and they regularly offer incentives. For example, when you use Uber, you’ll receive a personal invite code. If a friend signs up using this code, you’ll receive a free taxi journey, helping to cut the costs of your next night out!

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