Part Time Jobs Considered a Must for UK Students This Year

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As has been explained on the latest student finance profile over at Student Money Saver, all students will be expected to get a part time job this academic year. With student loans set to be far lower than in previous years and fees and the cost of living obviously rising – students will no longer be able to laze around and rely on student funding.

The loan amounts for 2011-2012 have been held at the same rate as in 2010-2011, so you have a loss in real terms before your individual circumstances are considered. So, if you just about made ends meet last year then you are going to have to take some action in order to increase your income.

If there have been any changes in your household income, determined by your parents’ or partners’ income then your loan could well be lower than previously. You can check whether a change in their circumstances has impacted on your funding by calling your LEA or the Student Loans Company. If not, there could be an error in your assessment which could cause problems.

Part-time work is always something to be encouraged, as long as you can fit it around your studies. A good idea may be getting to your student house as early as possible before all the good jobs are taken. High street shops, bars, clubs and supermarkets are all usually looking for bright, young members of staff. Alternatively, your university’s student services team will usually have details of any hardship funds or schemes that they have running.

Also, make sure you sign up for your NUS card and check out all the very best student discounts and student offers at your students union. By taking advantage of these, you will dramatically reduce your outgoings.

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