Student Entertainment News: Could you be the UK’s next top DJ?

It’s not just boring academic and educational news here at Young Academic! We also bring you everything you need to know about sport, entertainment and much, much more. This scheme from ‘The Hits Radio’ could well unearth the next Fatboy Slim or Deaadmau5…


Student News: 500 Free NUS Extra Discount Cards Up For Grabs On Blue Monday

Getting a bit down with the prospect of more miserable weather, coursework, exams and dissertations? Well never fear as Young Academic is yet again on hand to raise your spirits. As the post Christmas blues set in, we have unearthed a great deal from the kind folk at NUS that will enable you to make some great savings. Remember to keep your eyes peeled at Young Academic next week as we have some great student news and competitions on the way!


Student Dating: Date radar iPhone app

Young Academic isn’t just concerned with education and academia, we are comitted to bringing you all the most relevant student news. This of course includes relationships and sexual health and with this in mind we have cool news of a wicked app for your iPhone.


Student News: Make money whilst sending your e-mails

Young Academic has come across a unique way for students to make some real money whilst sending their academic and personal e-mails. Brought you from the same guys that introduced the wicked new social networking platform Kewlmates – this scheme could be a real winner.


Young Academic Student Advice: Keep your computers clean!

Some priceless advice from Young Academic as exam, dissertation and coursework season starts to gather pace. With more and more data being stored on students’ computers these days, the need for effective machines and software has become all the more imperative. Make sure you read this feature from editor Charles Whitworth and computer experts PC Tools on how best to keep your machine clean and healthy…


Student Health News: Could this inhaler help combat bullying at school?

Your health is as important whilst at school, college or University as your academic progress. Asthma has long been a major health issue for young people and can have major repercussions on your education. Young Academic has discovered a way for youngsters to combat the affliction without baring the brunt of teasing from their peers…


Young Academic Gap Years: HostelBookers.com lead the way as you embark on your travels

Young Academic start the new year by bringing you some priceless student news regarding your forthcoming Gap Year. As you travel Europe or even the globe, where you stay is of great importance as you endeavour to stay safe and comfortable. HostelBookers.com tick all of Young Academic’s boxes as we try to find you the very best accommodation…


Young Academic Student News: Saucy students the most annoying house mates

Young Academic has discovered that you lot are among the most annoying house mates in the country! With Christmas and New Year festivities in full swing it’s not just the dance floor that’s getting some action, with one in ten students keeping their house mates awake with their bed bouncing antics. Bringing one-night-stands back to student digs and being vocal in the heat of the moment was declared the third most annoying habit by disgruntled flat mates, a survey has revealed. We told you we only bring you the most incisive student news…


Young Academic Student News: New scheme for students to make money from NUS

The Christmas break doesn’t mean Young Academic’s quest to bring you the most up to date student news stops for one second! Students wanting to make a few quid to boost their Christmas coffers must look no further than their Facebook friends thanks to a new initiative from NUS Extra.