New Research Outlines Student Housemate Pet Hates

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As students across the United Kingdom approach the half way point of the academic year, Young Academic can reveal some intriguing research regarding the annoying habits in the average student house. Read on to see exactly what your house mates think of you.

If you’re currently looking for a flat-mate, be warned  – a new study reveals that two in five people (42%) who have lived in a flat or house share, have done so with someone that they would happily never see again.  Annoying flat mate habits include not doing household chores (67%), not paying bills on time (64%) and stealing food (53%).

Other annoying housemate habits identified include: Playing loud music at unsociable hours (52%), inviting loud guests back to the house (49%), hogging the TV remote (21%) and hogging broadband (17%).   For the 14% who found flat sharing a negative experience, this was mainly because they didn’t like sharing a bathroom/kitchen/lounge with other people (69%).

Overall nearly everyone in a house share thinks that house rules are a good idea (90%) with the top five house rules being: splitting bills equally (60%); having a cleaning rota (42%); knocking before going into a flatmate’s bedroom (41%); not having a house party unless the whole house agrees (41%); and not borrowing other people’s belongings without asking (40%)

The findings are released as BT’s new ad hits screens for the first time. It follows on from the BT Family adverts featuring “Adam and Jane” which have run since 2005.  The  new adverts feature Jane’s son, Joe, played by actor Tommy Bastow, moving into a flat with new characters Simon and Anna, played by BAFTA winner, Daniel Rigby, and TV and film actress Rebecca Night, respectively. Jane, played by Esther Hall, will make guest appearances as part of the campaign.

The survey also reveals that when people had to choose between living with either a male or female flatmate, the stereotypes are alive and well. Of those people who said they have a preference for which gender they live with*, nearly three quarters (73%) said they would prefer to live with a female. The main reason given for preferring to live with a woman is that ‘they are happy to keep the flat tidy’ (48%). This was closely followed by the view that females will give the flat a homely-touch (37%), they are more likely to cook (28%). Men appear to be turning their back on the ‘Men Behaving Badly’ set-up – only one in three men who expressed a preference (34%) would prefer to live with another man.

The survey also reveals that:

  • When asked what the right flat share combination should be, the most popular response (41%) was for four people.  Within this, a combination of two males and two females was by far and away the most favoured set up (70%).
  • Reasons for preferring a male flatmate include: they are less likely to nag (40%); they are more relaxed and don’t mind a mess (37%); they’re more independent and less clingy (31%); and they will provide entertainment (30%).
  • There are some positives to come from sharing a flat. Almost half of those (47%) saying that it taught them to share with others and to be more considerate (47%). For some, the positive experience could have been more to do with finding love – nearly one in three (28%) flat-sharers admit to fancying a flatmate at some point.

Corinne Sweet, psychologist and Consultant and ‘expert’ for Big Brother said: “As we’ve seen from programmes like Big Brother, throwing together a group of people with different interests and disparate opinions and backgrounds in a ‘home’ environment can lead to both positive and negative experiences. Ultimately, it’s about striking a balance and learning tolerance – living the way you want to but being considerate towards those around you, and learning to listen and be sensitive to other housemates needs, is pretty crucial. Get this right and house-share harmony will prevail. However, insisting on pinching other’s belongings, or leaving them to clean up after you is without doubt a recipe for house-share hell.”

David James, marketing director for Consumer, BT Retail, said: “We hope that people will love our new stars Joe, Simon and Anna – the new flatmates – and follow them through the laughs, trials and tribulations of sharing a flat, with BT Infinity powering their online adventures.”

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