Students Urged to Look to Local Businesses for Bargains

chester cafe and italian restaurant
As our regular readers will know only too well, we are not just committed to bringing you education news and festival guide instalments. We also see it as one of our many duties to bring you lifestyle guides to help you save money, live better and make the most of the area in which you have chosen to undertake your studies.

With this in mind, we felt compelled to bring you this little feature which looks to extol the virtues of looking to the local businesses in your town or city, rather than the obvious and easier to find chains. No matter what it is you are looking for, it could be that there is an independently owned business which could cater for your needs at a lower price and more often than not, the quality will be far better making the decision an absolute no brainer.

One area in which this is nearly always the case, is with food. If you decide to eat out with your student friends you will more often than not be looking for a thrifty deal or special offer to keep the damage to your wallet to the bare minimum. Chains such as Café Rouge, Pizza Express and Subway can often look like attractive choices but they all have their pitfalls such as processed or frozen ingredients, less than luxurious surroundings or limited menu options. With this in mind, it is well worth taking some time to find out where the locally run cafes, pubs and restaurant are in your adopted home town or city.

Not only is it likely that these establishments will be using locally sourced produce to create their menus, but they may well have attractive prices and special offers designed to reward their loyal regular customers. This all makes for a complete win of a situation as you receive a freshly produced meal in comfortable surroundings and at a price that still allows you those few well deserved snakebites or jagerbombs in the student union that evening!lunch at caffe atina

So, when you are next on that hungover lunchtime mission to find a cheap munch that wont leave you reeling from an overdose of MSG, why not speak to a few locals to see where they head to for their frugal breakfast or lunch. There will more than be likely be a plethora of hidden gems in just around the corner for you serving delicious meals and hot drinks and the majority of these places now even have Wi-Fi or at least 3G/4G, allowing you to keep track of your seminar/tinder profile.

Caffe Atina Café and Italian Restaurant is one such establishment and has been making an incredible name for itself in Chester for doing exactly what has been described in this student survival guide, these eateries can be found all across the United Kingdom. If you have a favourite place to eat in your place of study and you think it deserves a mention, why not write into us here at Young Academic to recommend it? As always, just send your article into us at [email protected].

This is just one of a number of student lifestyle guides coming your way in the coming weeks here at Young Academic. To keep up to date with all of your student news, festival guide updates and Warehouse Project reviews, make sure you are following us on Google Plus and Twitter and of course, like our Facebook page too!

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