How More And More Students Are Making Money Online

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If there’s one thing that almost defines life as a student, it’s not having enough cash. In a world of ever-heightening rents (even for student properties) and stubbornly low student loans and grants, penury feels almost obligatory at times for those at university – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why do we say that? Well, in today’s world, there is also no shortage of ways to boost your income relatively easily online. Give a few of these a try if you’re sick of never having any beer money left a few weeks before your next loan or grant payment.

Completing Surveys

There are a lot of sites out there – such as MySurvey UK – that allow you to add to your coffers or help yourself to other goodies when you simply complete various brand or product-related online surveys. Fine, so you might often get free samples or vouchers rather than cold, hard cash, but it all helps to reduce your spending and leave you with a pleasingly heavier wallet every month.

Undertaking ‘Odd Jobs’

Recent years have also been characterised by the rise of gig sites, such as the increasingly ubiquitous Fiverr, that allow you to offer pretty much any service you can think of (as long as it’s legal) and make money from it. Fiverr members, for example, typically advertise skills in such areas as programming, writing and graphic design, but there are definitely some slightly more eyebrow-raising offers to be found in the site’s ‘Fun & Bizarre’ section.

Matched Betting

You may have heard a bit about matched betting before, from sites like Profit Accumulator that claim you can add hundreds, even thousands of pounds to your income every month with relatively little effort. It sounds like a classic scam, except that it isn’t! Even reputable media sources like The Telegraph and The Guardian have investigated matched betting and found it to be a safe and surprisingly easy way to generate tax-free funds. You would definitely struggle to find a quicker and more lucrative way, as a student, to make money online.

Selling Old Textbooks… And Basically Anything Else

You’ve probably used eBay from time to time to flog those unwanted Christmas presents on Boxing Day. However, it’s when you become a student that it’s time to get serious about ridding what may be your new cramped living quarters of all of those things you might have hoarded in your pre-university days. Old textbooks? Now-replaced smartphones or tablets? Last summer’s no-longer-quite-on-trend clothes? They’re all fair game.

Getting Paid to Search Online

Think back to all of those times you’ve prowled Google late at night on your mobile phone or tablet when you couldn’t get to sleep because of Jess next door’s snoring… wouldn’t it have been nice to have made some money doing that? Yes, even this is possible, thanks to a site called Qmee, which – once you have signed up – simply displays its own suggested sponsored results when you next perform a search. You can then click on these results to start activating cash rewards.

So, that’s it – five ways in which ever-increasing numbers of students are discovering that online money-making is frequently just as good, if not a better option during their university days than the more traditional shop or bar work.

Are there any other particularly great ways of generating cash that you’ve come across lately? If so, don’t be afraid to let us know in the comments section below!


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