Students Encouraged to Switch Energy Suppliers and Save Substantial Cash

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Students in the UK looking for extra ways to generate some much needed cash are being urged to turn to an excellent little money making technique. Whilst getting a better job or selling your unwanted items on eBay or Music Magpie might seem like the obvious options, energy comparison sites have emerged as a great little earner.

If you are lucky enough to be in control of who you use for your gas and electricity, then there are some very simple and easy to use comparison sites out there which could result in several hundreds of extra pounds in the back burner, over the course of an academic year. With pretty much every UK household and business paying too much for their energy, it will come as a surprise to learn that 80% of people have not even looked into switching to a more affordable tariff.

There are several routes that you can take, provided you have permission to investigate switching energy supplier from your student landlord:

  • You can get in touch with all of the gas and electricity suppliers in the UK to find the best prices
  • You can use one of the big comparison sites such as GoCompare or CompareTheMarket to see what information they can provide
  • You can take advantage of one of the specialist home energy comparison sites, such as Love Energy Savings or uSwitch.

Whilst students may well want the control that comes with the first option of contacting all the various suppliers individually, this can be very laborious. In addition to this, due to the fact that the average Joe is far from an energy expert, they may not be familiar with the prudent negotiation tactic and end up not making as much of a saving as they would like.

Choose a Specialist Energy Comparison Site

Similarly, the second choice could work out very well. This said, the bigger comparison companies are concerned with pretty much everything from car insurance to broadband, so may not have specific skills concerned with the ever changing energy market.

This is why Young Academic really can’t recommend the free, specialist energy comparison sites enough. Being based in Manchester, we came across Love Energy Savings who are from Bolton and offer a nationwide service for anyone looking to switch with no fuss whatsoever. They provide the only online energy comparison service, whereas the others simply take your details and then call you back, taking valuable time out of your day (whether you are studying, or chilling in the boozer).

No Fuss, Just an Instant Money Saver…

You don’t get any annoying call backs from these guys, just real-time quotes and they will even take care of any switching process for you. This obviously gives you far more time to guzzle snakebites in the SU or do that all important “reading” in the library, safe in the knowledge that you will soon be paying far less when it comes to your monthly bills.

“There really is no catch with energy comparison, especially if you are using the right sites. So many people are on the wrong tariff and services such as the one available here at Love Energy Savings represent a great opportunity for households and businesses to generate some much needed cash without having to do anything whatsoever. Sure, we get a referall fee for our efforts; but this does not cost the customer anything making it a no brainer for students across the country who are living on a shoestring!” stated Phil Foster, Managing Director of Love Energy Savings.

Why Not Switch Now to Generate Cash?

So, if you are struggling to make ends meet this academic year and want a quick and easy way to make a few quid, you should most definitely be looking at your energy consumption. The likelihood is that you are on the wrong tariff and paying around £180 too much for your gas and electricity. We can’t reiterate enough, that you should check with your landlord first before you go changing suppliers, but if it saves you and them money there is no reason why they would object.

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You can get an online energy comparison online today by clicking the banner above. To keep up to date with all of your student news articles and money saving lifestyle pieces, make sure you are following Young Academic on Twitter & Google+ and of course, like our fantastic Facebook Page. Happy saving guys and keep your eyes peeled for some Warehouse Project and Festival Guide updates too, you need somewhere to spend all the money you’re going to save on your household bills!

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