Student V Festival Goers Will Take More Than £360 in Possessions With Them

young academic v festival
The Young Academic Festival Guide can bring news today that students going to V festival this weekend will take possessions worth over £360 with them. According to a new survey published by specialist student insurance provider Endsleigh, electronic items are the most popular, with the average student taking over £300 worth of gadgets, and girls carrying gadgets worth £40 more than their male counterparts.

The most essential item for festival goers is their mobile phone – with almost all students (95%) planning to take one, a third of those (32.4%) choosing a non-smart phone. Digital cameras are also a must for 54% of students. Other popular gadgets include iPods (18.8%) although other MP3 players only make up (2.9%). Some students are even taking their beloved hair straighteners (3.5%) and laptops (2.4%)!

Festivals remain as popular as ever with a quarter (24%) of all students going to one this summer, and a further 18% still to decide. And younger students lead the way with almost a third (27%) of first years planning to attend.

Torrential rain and muddy fields are not the only potential hazards music lovers have to contend with at festivals. Camping out or leaving belongings unattended for long periods of time can increase the risk of theft, and items often get lost or damaged. That’s why with £300 worth of gadgets being taken by every student, it is vital that they are protected.

As the No 1 student gadget insurance provider and the only insurer recommended by the NUS, Endsleigh recognises this, and offers specific student gadget insurance bundles which can be tailored according to what students want to cover.

Sara Newell, Student Market Manager, Endsleigh Insurance, said: “It is great that so many students are planning to spend some of their free time at a music festival in the UK this year, but at any festival, small, light and expensive gadgets will be a target for thieves. If students are taking items such as phones and laptops to a festival, it’s essential to get insurance cover before they go – and check that gadgets are covered outside of the home and for accidental damage as well as theft. Laptops and phones are must have gadgets at uni, which is why we promise to replace them within 24 hours.”

For more information and tips on which music festival to attend and how best to prepare, visit Endsleigh’s Guidefest website, which is designed by students for students: www.guidefest.co.uk

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