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Money Should Financial Savviness Should be Be Part of Higher Education?

9 Websites that Can Help You Earn Some Extra Cash


University can be an extremely challenging and rewarding time in our lives but it can also be particularly expensive. Between the university fees, the must-buy extortionate university books, daily travel and weekly nights out (let’s not deny it), we can rack up a serious amount of nasty debt!

Money student budgeting

How to Create and Follow a Student Budgeting Plan


Students have a reputation for being broke. If you want to avoid resorting to the infamous parental “send money now” plea, it is important to create a budgeting plan. But being a student is an exciting and enjoyable stage of life, so it is easy to get carried away and not stick to your carefully-crafted spending plan.

Money save money at uni

5 Ways You Can Save Money at University in 2015


At the start of the year, we promised you more guides to saving money at University during 2015. So, true to our word we present to you the first of a series of articles designed to help you make the most of your studies, both academically and financially. Today, the team has come up with the five key areas you should be thinking of when it comes to keeping your bank balance in the black.

Money gap year finances

Top Finance Tips for Those Planning a Gap Year


It’s the start of a New Year and here at Young Academic, one of our resolutions is to bring you even more tips and guides to help you on your journey. Whether you are in the middle of your studies, about to embark on a course or even planning a trip around the world, we are here to help and will be on hand with all sorts of resources. Today, we are focusing on any academic out there about to go on a gap year and things that can help you to control your all-important finances.

Money student pension

Has Your University Told You About Auto Enrolment?


If you are currently in the middle of your studies, then the likelihood is that your pension has hardly been at the top of your agenda; and rightly so. However, there has been new legislation passed of late which means that this no longer has to be a headache when you leave University and get your first graduate job.

Money gap year finances

Make Avoiding Bad Credit at University Your New Year’s Resolution


Here at Young Academic, student finance is something which is close to our hearts being the national student news site and we have therefore put together a few tips for you to bear in mind so you can avoid bad credit and make sure you are in a good financial situation when you leave University.

Money student debts

Students Urged to Address Their Finances in 2015


New Year’s resolutions are usually somewhat of a waste of time, whether it is less drinking or giving up the ciggies, we rarely end up seeing them through, especially when we are at University. Our Uni days are full of distractions and of course, we should be living life whilst we are young, right?

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