International Student Money Savings Tips for 2016

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If you are a regular reader here at Young Academic, then you will already be a big fan of our regular guides and how tos for freshers and established students. No sooner had the New Year been brought in, than our budding correspondents were scratching their heads trying to think of the very best guides we can bring you for 2016. Today’s is a quick-fire Young Academic guide on some clever money saving tips for international and domestic students…

Take Advantage of Online Offers

Let’s face it, students (especially those in the first year), have abundance of time on their hands. This time could be spent scouring the web for some of the best money saving offers available. A clever Young Academic tip is to set up a dummy e-mail address s you can sign up to the myriad of newsletters you will need to, in order to be entered into the prize draw or discount promotion. This way you can save your money without having to poison your main e-mail address with the resulting spam. Once you have your well saved cash, you can spend it as you please or take advantage of one of the great international money transfer services available.

Take a Look at the Money Saving Apps

What many international students don’t realise, especially those looking to send money online, back home, is that there are some great apps available for students of any type in the UK. Student Beans and Unidays are two that come to mind but there are all sorts of others available as well. It is worth having a good look around Google Play or Apple to see how you can get discounts off pretty much everything using your mobile phone.

Watch the Utility Bills

Although the British winter has been pretty kind to date, 2016 has already proven that little bit chillier. The result of this is that both UK and international students will be ramping up their heating and other utilities. It is a very good idea to keep this to a minimum and stick an extra hoody on.

As well as this, it is very prudent to check you turn all your utilities off before you go out to campus or the pub – including your mate’s rooms! Over the course of the winter this could save you a fortune and many of the energy companies now offer apps that allow you to control this whilst you are out and about. Keep your bills down so you have more money to spend on nights out, textbook or even to send back home.

Follow these tips this winter and you may well find you have a fair few extra quid to play with when your student loan runs out!

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