Ebuyer Site Goes Down on the Day of its £1 Cyber Monday Sale

Ebuyer, the site dedicated to the retail of gadgets, has crashed due to the popularity of its £1 deal today, as part of what has become known as Cyber Monday. Following last week’s Black Friday, many retailers have run special offers today in order to entice customers just before Christmas. Disaster has struck for the UK based website though, as servers failed to cope with traffic.

The sale was due to start at 11am this morning and was offline as early as 9am. Ebuyer.com appears to still be down as we write this article, contrary to reports on the Facebook page that everything had been rectified.

A range of PC’s, cameras, computers and other devices are apparently up for sale for as little as £1, causing interested parties to flock to the site in their droves. Unfortunately, the powers that be at Ebuyer failed t shore up its system and today’s sale has so far been a wash out.

The latest message from the Ebuyer website reads:

“Ebuyer.com is known for the best prices on electronics and our £1 offer was an extension of this – a thank you to our loyal customers. We received an overwhelming response, which slowed the offer page and resulted in many people being unable to access the offers. Our IT team has worked hard to rectify all issues and we are pleased to report that thousands of people have been able to take advantage of these great £1 deals. We will also continue updating the sale on a regular basis and letting people know via Facebook. As with all ‘first come first served’ promotions and sales such as these, some of our customers will unfortunately miss out on the deals and for this we apologise. However, we run frequent sales of this nature on our site and customers can look out for more great offers coming very soon. Thanks, Ebuyer.”

The latest advice for student shoppers looking to take advantage of this deal from Ebuyer.com is to simply keep refreshing the page. Young Academic will, as always, keep you updated on this student money story.

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  3. They would have known the site would be overloaded, but they’ll still benefit from the publicity that it’s caused…. a bit annoying as I need to order stock from them! But will have to go elsewhere now!

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