As reported earlier in the week, Young Academic has decided to publish a series a series of shrewd articles focused on some cheeky little bingo and online casino promotions that could well help students’ limited bank balances. This time, Sky Vegas has made an attempt to lure new players in with a range of exciting games and offers.

They have done this via a sweet promotional code to use with one of their newest additions to their family of games – Hi-Lo Poker. New student users can take advantage of £10 free when they register and as can even accrue up to £500 in rewards.

So, what is Hi-Lo Poker?

This is a brand new game that has been marketed as one that keeps players’ guessing. It uses a standard 52 card deck of cards and aims to make a poker hand follow a series of Hi and Lo gambles. Players can then select a chip from the rack, either opting for a stake area of the table or continuing clicking the chip to place their bets.

Once ready to play, Hi Lo Poker players can click deal. Hi and Lo buttons will predict if the next card will be higher or lower than the current card. If a player finds success they can then decide whether they want to cash in on their winnings or play on for more winnings.

This game is apparently just the tip of the iceberg over at Sky Vegas as many more games are being rolled out on a regular basis. As online casinos continue to grow, especially in the student and young person’s market – interactive games like this seem to going from strength to strength.

For more information, simply follow one of the links above.

Remember though, Young Academic does not endorse gambling as a way to fund your studies or indeed, your lifestyle. Games such as these should be treated as a fun way to earn a bit of drinking money or to buy a much needed textbook.We recommend that you never deposit more that you can afford to lose, possibly no more than £10 – anyone with an addictive personality should steer well clear as gambling can be very destructive in worst case scenarios.


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