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Some cracking student news for you today following Ofsted’s report – ‘Tackling the Challenge of Poor Numeracy Skills’. Young Academic can reveal that not only have the TUC supported the findings but boxing champion and unionlearn maths champion Nathan Cleverly has joined the debate and encouraged student nationwide to take maths seriously.

“The recent report worryingly outlined that over a fifth of adults in the United Kingdom do not have the basic numeracy skills required”

Unionlearn is the TUC’s learning and skills division and is headed by Tom Wilson, who had the following to say of the report; “Ofsted is right to point out the importance of effective numeracy training in the workplace and to highlight the use of practical workplace examples as the best way for people to engage with the maths skills that they need for everyday life.

“Union Learning Reps are inspiring and motivating their colleagues to lose their fear and find the magic of maths in hundreds of workplace learning centres throughout the country. Through our campaign Maths4Us and our Maths Champions such as the interim Light-Heavyweight Champion boxer Nathan Cleverly, who holds a degree in maths, we are engaging with learners in new and innovative ways.

“Through unionlearn, the TUC’s learning and skills organisation, over 100,000 learners has improved their maths through Skills for Life training, benefiting them, their families and their employers.”

Cleverly, who is role model for students and young academics across the country and is currently the Interim Light-Heavy Weight Champion added; “I am really pleased to be able to encourage others to develop a love of maths as a unionlearn Maths Champion. Maths is as important as English language – the top subject. There are parts which are tricky and you have to work hard at it, but you get a real buzz when you have worked it out. It is necessary for your everyday life. It may be difficult at times, but it is a matter of working at it and making it enjoyable. The other boxers do find it hard to believe I have a maths degree, because it is seen as such an academic and geeky subject. I hope that I can change that image.”

Unionlearn could well be the answer for you if you have struggled with maths in the past or find it hard when you have to do simple equations when going about your daily life. The recent report worryingly outlined that over a fifth of adults in the United Kingdom do not have the basic numeracy skills required. Even simple tasks such as budgeting, claims, interest rates or helping kids with homework can cause problems.

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