Lady Gaga Wears Dress Designed By Fashion Graduate

Lady Gaga

As students enjoy their (not so sunny) summer holidays, Young Academic continues to bring you the latest in student fashion and education news.  In latest news, graduate fashion designer Rebecca Short makes the headlines as Lady Gaga chooses her unique design.

Everyone knows of Lady Gaga and her wacky fashion sense.  Remember, the meat dress?  How could we forget!  Perhaps gaining more attention than her songs, Lady Gaga’s eccentric style has triggered much debate in the past.

Last month, however, Lady Gaga was snapped in Singapore sporting a nude number designed by Birmingham fashion student Rebecca Short.  The 22 year old student took the dress to Graduate Fashion Week in London in the hope of gaining some attention.

‘We all went to Graduate Fashion Week at the end of term and took our designs there. Lady Gaga’s stylist was there and she asked if she could borrow the dress. I knew she had a few designs so I didn’t expect to hear anything else.’

Lady Gaga who is famous for her unconventional style teamed the nude dress with white gloves and double rimmed sunglasses along with a Marge Simpson like turquoise ‘do.

Rebecca was on a trip to Mexico when she first discovered that Gaga had chosen her dress.  The student was advised to check the singer’s Twitter page where she found a picture of her wearing her design.

The student loved how Gaga had worn the dress, proclaiming:

‘The stylist had made it look amazing. It is a very minimalistic dress. I had focused on shape and structure with experimental draping.  She had styled it completely differently from how I had done it.’

Rebecca is now considering auctioning the dress and has since started a job with fashion label Suzannah.

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