iPhone 5 or iPad 3 – The Latest Student Dilemma

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As the academic year fast approaches, students across the United Kingdom will be starting to get kitted out. Freshers will be out buying their first kettles, bedding and microwaves and older students will no doubt be arranging their digs and stocking up for a fortnight of boozing. A big dilemma for students out there keen on their technology may however be the choice between two of Apple’s forthcoming gadgets – the iPhone 5 or the iPad 3? In the latest student news colums, Charles Whitworth explores which device will reign supreme.

Students may well be getting rid of such University and College ‘essentials’ as stationery and textbooks as the release dates of these eagerly anticipated gadgets loom. Young Academic suggests that the iPad may get the nod over the latest iPhone due to its dual role as a textbook reader. After all, the iPhone 4 hasn’t been out for that long and despite being as durable as a baby butterfly, the handset is hardly outdated.

Apple has pretty much covered all of its bases by choosing to release both of these products together as students across the country are pretty muched forced to go for a gadget powered by iOS. Other tablets such as the Blackberry PlayBook or the Sony Tablet are available, but these will surely struggle to compete with the might of the world’s new technological superpower. Let’s hope not…

If you guys still need a reason to convince parents that a tablet is the way forward, then the answer is simple. Throughout your degree,  a tablet will save you money on overpriced old school textbooks and will be ideal for presentations and the like.

So, if you already have a Smartphone, the contest between the two appears to be over. The iPhone, however beautiful and quirky, cannot compete with its tablet counterpart when it comes to functionality and versatility.

The choice is of course yours, but in true Young Academic fashion, at least you know have some facts on which to base your (or you parent’s!) decision. You could of course, go for neither and explore some of the great alternatives available from HTC, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry etc. More information is promised very soon….

As the 2011/2012 academic year approaches, Young Academic will be continuing to bring all the student news and education news that you need. Make sure you don’t miss a single story by following @youngacademic on Twitter. Don’t forget about the Student News RSS as well!

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