Infographic : One For The Foot Loose Students Out There

If you have been an avid reader at Young Academic this summer, you will have seen all sorts of content emanating from our offices. From career guides and course profiles, to music reviews and infographics; we have had everything you need to keep you occupied in the run up to a brand new academic year.

With this in mind, we have a fascinating infographic for you this afternoon regarding foot care. Although this may not sound like most scintillating topic for a Thursday infographic, there are actually all sorts of student activities that can harm one’s feet.

From sports, cheap footwear, lack of equipment, ill treatment and many other things that youngsters get up to these days, foot care is actually extremely important and let’s face it, no-one wants gammy feet!

Charles Clinkard - shoe advice

This great infographic was produced in collaboration with our friends at Charles Clinkard and as you can see contains all the information you need to ensure your feet are not a source of embarrassment for you this coming academic campaign. This article may well be of interest to any students out there who like to wear ridiculous footwear on a night out (not looking at anyone in particular, ladies).

So, if you found it useful, why not give it a share and be sure to come back to Young Academic very soon for more great education and students news and infographics just like this one.

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