Why It’s Important To Get The Younger Generation Into Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is beneficial for all age groups, but it can be especially advantageous for younger generations. Getting into fitness and exercise early in life can help to significantly extend lifespans, ease stress and prevent illness in the future.

With the rise of technology, the younger generation needs to be encouraged to exercise. Here are just some of the reasons why reaching out to younger people is so important.

It Keeps You Strong

Exercising makes muscles stronger and can make everyday activities much easier to tackle, and the earlier someone begins to build these muscles, the stronger a person can become.

Losing weight and getting fitter becomes more difficult the older you get, because our bodies become less efficient at boosting our metabolism.

Younger people have it easier at first, which is all the more reason to encourage them to keep fit so that it doesn’t end up being a problem later in life.

Brought Up With Technology

The last 20 years have seen significant advancements in technology, and from these, a new generation of native digital learners has been created. This generation is quick to learn when it comes to utilising smartphones and tablets, as well as computer hardware and software, but growing up with these technologies as commonplace items could have negative effects on their health.

The overwhelming popularity of video games consoles in the UK alone has more people sitting down for long stretches of time and playing games as opposed to exercising.

Extensive use of technology is not something to be avoided – in fact, it should be encouraged – but it’s important that the younger generation finds time to exercise in-between gaming and online browsing.

Less Stress

Being young can be a highly stressful time. Young people stress themselves out over academic coursework or university life in general, with many students even going without sleep to finish that last assignment before their final deadlines.

Maintaining a regime of regular exercise via a gym, or simply playing football or jogging, can help young people to combat work-related stress and keep them feeling good about themselves.

This happens because of the endorphins that your brain releases after exercising, which are neurotransmitters that are considered to be a feel-good chemical. Releasing these endorphins as regularly as possible can keep younger people happy, stress-free and confident to help prepare them for whatever the day holds.

Prepare Them For Work

Young people should be encouraged to exercise regularly, even if it’s something as simple as walking the dog, because even if they don’t like sitting still for a long period of time, a job that they want might require that of them.

Many jobs involving the use of computers require long periods of sitting, which can increase the risk of both obesity and cancer in later life.

This applies to all generations of people, but getting into the habit of exercising regularly at a younger age can help turn it into a habit and keep a person healthy.

Young people can keep themselves happy, stress-free and healthy if they can be encouraged to keep fit and regularly exercise. Exercising doesn’t need to be a chore – it can involve playing sports with friends, going for jogs and even fun fitness getaways with a company like Prestige Bootcamp.

When the younger generation are given especially interesting ways to exercise and keep fit, they will be encouraged to establish habits that will serve them well for life.


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