How Young is Too Young in the Fashion Industry?

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As the student fashion section starts to take shape, Young Academic takes a look at the controversy in the fashion industry that once again has reared its ugly head.  In the news this week is the debate over young models.  Has the world of fashion gone too far or is it just pushing boundaries in a quest to become a bit more edgy?

The debate over size zero models has gone on forever now or so it seems as the fashion industry continues to take steps away from reality.  In modern society, the relentless promotion of the ‘perfect’ body has been put on women to strive after the unattainable ideal.  The charm of the real woman seems to have got lost somewhere in between the trends and ideologies of the modern day.  Now, the definition of a normal or real woman has changed dramatically as designers seek to find a model that stands out from the crowds.

Over the past week, shock circulated amongst the general public when an advertising campaign was released by French Vogue.  The photos display a 10 year old child sprawled across leopard print bed covers striking a provocative pose.  Dressed in high heels, a gold low-cut dress and heavy make-up, the pictures have caused uproar.

Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau is just ten years old and already she has strutted her stuff down the catwalks for Jean Paul Gaultier and posed topless for top fashion magazines.  This little girl isn’t playing dress up like other girls, instead she is dressed up by high end fashion designers to sell products to the public.

This isn’t the first time that a child has been used for advertising campaigns.  In 1980, a 13 year old Brooke Shields posed in a Calvin Klein advertisement, Dakota Fanning posed for Marc Jacobs in 2007 and now her little sister, Elle, is the new face of the Marc Jacobs campaign.

The latest photos from French Vogue has caused much debate on the controversial topic that young children are being highly sexualised to create provocative shots.  It seems the designers are using younger models to attract attention and push the boundary within the industry.  The shots are certainly not traditional but is it condemning the industry as a whole?

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