Students Encouraged to Participate in the Decathlon Squared Challenge

Decathlon Squared Challenge
Young Academic is delighted to bring you news of a challenge, brought to you by sports retail giants Decathlon! As big supporters of anything health related, we can’t recommend this venture enough as it allows you to increase your health as well as represent your University or college!

The Decathlon Squared Home Challenge gives those involved the chance to compete against the length and breadth of the UK, with a chance of winning up to £500 to spend online or in store at Decathlon. Participants of the challenge will take on monthly fitness tests, uploading their best efforts to their profiles on the challenge site to see where they stand on the leader board.

Inspired by the Change4Life scheme, the challenge encourages everyone to take part to increase fitness and follow in the footsteps of the Change4Life ethos to ‘get going every day’. And, along with up to £500 to spend at Decathlon, there is the chance to win over 50 prizes just for taking part. Rewards will include the athlete who is deemed ‘Best Dressed’ and ‘Most Improved’, with a special mention for the ‘Best Setting’ for training.

Taking part in the challenge is easy and inexpensive. To get started, all that is required is a pair of trainers, training clothing, a space to complete the fitness tests and video equipment to record the best effort – this can be something as basic as a smartphone.

Speaking about the forthcoming launch of the challenge, Asaad Dookhy at Decathlon, said: “We want to get as many people signed up as possible to Decathlon Squared, which is designed to get individuals and groups to push themselves that little bit further with each new fitness test. The challenge will use a Facebook app to allow competitors to share progress with friends. You can also complete each challenge in the comfort of your own home, costing you nothing to participate.”

“The Decathlon Squared Challenge aims to encourage people across the UK to stay active and lead a healthier lifestyle,” said Asaad. “The prizes we are giving away are an added incentive to kick-starting your health and fitness goals for 2014.”

Will your university take the lead in the Decathlon Squared Home Challenge? Could your society be the winner of £500 worth of sports equipment and clothing?

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