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Young Academic Delighted to Announce Partnership with Wok and Go


As you guys are well aware, here at Young Academic we are committed to bringing you all of the latest education news, student news and entertainment articles as well as career guides and exam advice. But this aside, what is the most important thing to students? Apart from beer obviously! It is of course food!

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The Priory Group Provides Freshers Checklist for First Time Students


With Universities across the country preparing to open the doors for the start of the 2011/2012 academic year, an expert at the Priory Group, as drawn up a checklist to help new students combat feelings of isolation and loneliness. With all sort of education news and student news coming way, we thought it was important to bring this important article for anyone feeling anxious about embarking on the journey that is higher education.

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Intriguing Recipe Saves Students Time and Money


Young Academic isn’t just interested in student news, festival gossip and career guides. We realise that saving you guys money is of paramount importance, after all beer is expensive these days. This is the first of a number of recipes that use all sorts of ingredients, taste great and don’t cost the earth. The first instalment fuses Bramley apples and…chicken!

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Young Academic Lifestyle : Don’t mix your alcohol with energy drinks say experts


In news that will be a great disappointment to any of you that like a few ‘double voddie red bulls’ of a night out, experts are a warning of the dangers that mixing booze with energy drinks may bring. Due their value for money and strength, drinks such as vodka red bull and TVR’s are a staple of many students across the country but there are serious implications for your health. Although this may not be the best student news that Young Academic has brought you of late, make sure you read on to ensure you are not putting yourself at risk.