5 Foods That Promote Dental Health

Brushing and flossing can do wonders for your teeth and assist you in avoiding gum disease later in life, but for additional oral protection, there are certain foods you can work into your diet to ensure that your teeth stay strong and healthier.

Here are just five foods that can be instrumental in keeping your smile a healthy one.


Celery might be quite a boring food on its own, but if you can work it into some interesting dishes, it can be invaluable for maintaining healthy teeth and avoiding gum disease.

Celery contains vitamins A and C, which can both play a role in the prevention of gum inflammation.

The texture of the celery also stimulates the gums and aids in scraping away spare particles of food in the mouth.


Apples can also be great for ensuring healthy gums and teeth, aiding in the production of moisture and saliva for washing away harmful bacteria.

Similar to the way celery helps to clean away spare food, apples act as a toothbrush, massaging gums and freeing trapped food in-between teeth.

They’re also great for a sweet treat – making the perfect substitution for sweets or other sugary snacks.


Low-fat yoghurts with no added sugar provide you with a great supply of calcium and protein to keep both your teeth and your gums healthy.

The most important ingredient in yoghurt is calcium, which keeps your skeletal bones dense and acts as a reinforcement for your teeth. Calcium makes your enamel strong and keeps your teeth from deteriorating.

Yoghurt is also filled with probiotics, also known as ‘good bacteria’, which slow down the growth of harmful bacteria, significantly lowering the likelihood of cavities.


This delicious dairy product may also work well when combined with crackers, but even by itself, it has some wonderful teeth cleaning properties.

Cheese is rich in calcium and protein, but the positive impact it has on your teeth goes beyond its calcium content. Eating cheese raises the pH levels within your mouth, which greatly reduces the risk of tooth decay.

A study carried out by the Academy of General Dentistry found that chewing cheese helped to create more saliva to stop bacteria spreading around the mouth.

Sugarless chewing gum

Believe it or not, there is chewing gum out there that can actually protect, rather than damage your teeth. It may do this by helping to keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh after meals.

Chewing gum helps you to create a lot more saliva than cheese does, because of all of the chewing it makes you do. This assists in clearing bacteria away and discouraging it from spreading.

Make sure that you choose a sugarless brand of gum, as the sucrose found in sugar helps bacteria to cultivate and move throughout the mouth.

Dentists may use high-performance equipment to keep your teeth healthy, like the supplies found at BF Mulholland, but the aforementioned foods can play a similarly important part in the maintenance of the utmost oral hygiene.

There are plenty of foods that come with these active ingredients, all of which are instrumental in promoting healthy gums and teeth. Keep a look out for calcium, protein and vitamins A and C on your next grocery shop to keep your teeth well-protected.


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