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How Exam Stress Could Be Damaging Students Teeth


University is the best time of your life, with lots of friends, away from home and late night parties – but of course the real reason you are there is to get a good degree. Studying for exams and coursework can lead to stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. Read this Young Academic student news guide about how exam stress could well be damaging your teeth…

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Edinburgh Student Releases Meningitis and Septicaemia iPhone App


Young Academic has been made aware of a great piece of technology that has been developed by none other than a student from Northern Ireland. The application, which is also a fun game has been created by medical student and Games Artist Ciléin Kearns from Derry and its purpose is to raise awareness of meningitis and septicaemia.

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Diet Firms Come Under Fire as Youngsters Battle with Eating Disorders


This week came reports of yet more complaints against the model industry. With the rise in eating disorders and the worry of poor body image amongst youngsters, MPs are investigating diet firms and cosmetic surgeons for their part. Young Academic reports on what looks like the youth mirroring the image and style of models and celebrities.

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Use Your Noodle and Get on the Special Offers at Wok and Go This Weekend!


You may well be aware that Young Academic and Wok and Go announced what is sure to be a fruitful (or noodleful) partnership this week. As well as bringing you all the most relevant student news and education news – we can now ensure that your taste buds and your bellies are also suitable satisfied. With the weekend now upon us, we thought it prudent to outline all the special offers and savings you can make at your local Wok and Go right now….

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