Groupon to Offer 60% off Tuition Fees at National Louis University

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It has been a summer dominated by news of rising tuition fees and the recession here at Young Academic, it’s a good job we’ve had the Ultimate Festival Guide to keep spirits up to be honest! Today however, we can bring you news of a novel way of saving money on fees over in the United Stated – from discount giants Groupon.

The private Chicago-based institution, the National Louis University, will be the very first to offer a cut price deal on the Groupon website. The University has taken this step in an effort to spur interest in its graduate teaching programme. This course offer prospective teachers a Groupon voucher that gives the customer nearly 60% off tuition fees.

The deal is set to become available as of today and will discount the cost for the three-credit introductory course from $2,232 to a remarkable $950. There will be twenty five cut-price packages available for students who must have an undergraduate degree to their name in order to participate.

There is however a slight catch in that students will also need to complete a further thirty-three credits at the full price to earn the full graduate degree.

Jocelyn Zivin, Vice-President of Marketing and Communications for National Louis University had the following to say of this intriguing venture;  “There are all kinds of factors in the K-12 world that are really discouraging teachers and people seeking teaching degrees,”

She went on the explain that the purpose of the discounted deal is to encourage prospective teachers to “understand what the realities are, whether you are committed to this profession … and see if you have what it takes.”

Groupon on the other hand, see this type of deal as an experiment and a step in the right direction.

“This is an opportunity for our subscribers to take the first step toward what could be a new career,” They stated. “National Louis joins an innovative list of merchants who were the first in their industry to experiment with collective buying power, and do it on Groupon.”

Whether or not this concept will catch on over here in the United Kingdom remains to be seen as it could well appeal some of the Polytechnics that struggle to attract the number of students they would like. As always, you can keep up to date with this student news story , or any of the other articles here at Young Academic by following our Twitter  – @youngacademic.

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