Google Maps Just One of the Mediums Used to Portray the Violence of the London Riots

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Since the London riots started late on Saturday night, journalists, reporters and bloggers across the country have been using a plethora of media tools to share their thoughts on what has been a gruelling three days for the country’s capital. Young Academic has been careful to ensure that we continue to bring you all the usual student news and education news that you know and love but we feel that the efforts of a blogger by the name of James Cridland deserve a mention.

Cridland, who is the Managing Director of a British media company and runner of his own blog, rather ingeniously created a Google Map that has received more than 25,000 views. He states on his blog how he has been confirming the details and location of all of the riots and adding them to his Map one at a time.

He said; “I realised that, in order for this map to be useful, every entry needed to be verified and verifiable for others, too. For every report, I searched Google News, Twitter, and major news sites to try and establish some sort of verification. My criterion was that something had to be reported by an established news organisation (BBC, Sky, local newspapers) or by multiple people on Twitter in different ways.”

Speaking to another leading journalism website, Cridland continued to describe how there had been so much nonsense written on Twitter that he felt compelled to create something that told the true story. There were particular reports of copycat riots in Manchester and the blogger felt he needed to set the record straight.

“A lot of people don’t know how to check and verify. It just shows that the editor’s job is still a very safe one.” Cridland went on to say.

Take a look at the above video to see just some of the violence that has been occuring in Clapham.

Information and imagery courtesy of www.journalism.co.uk.

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  3. the world is watching and laughing at you england, letting your scumbags run riot through the streets. This is what happens to your softly softly approach to criminals and terrorists. The army should be called in to protect the law abiding citizens and those seen covering their faces should be terrorists and shot as terrorists. You only need to warn them first and then carry it out and your rioting will stop overnight. That is how you treat terrorists. If you police can’t uphold the law, you have no law and it becomes irrelevant.

    1. Young Academic could not agree more Mark, the military would certainly scare these brainless scumbags into submission!

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