Goethe-Institut’s ‘Europe List’ to Survey What Constitutes European Culture

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As any regulars here at Young Academic will know only too well, we are obsessed with culture here at the UK’s national student news website. As such, we can bring you news of an intriguing survey being run by The Goethe-Institut. This focuses on what exactly in means to be European and will be running until mid-May and complements the very exciting Ten Cities project which is being co-ordinated by The Geothe-Institut Nairobi…

The Beatles or Beethoven, pizza or kebabs, Napoleon or Merkel? The Goethe-Institut is asking Europeans what constitutes European culture through an online survey. From March 21st until May 19th 2013 participants can answer 17 questions on Europe in 24 languages. The results of the Europe List will be released in mid-June and will be commented on by artists, intellectuals and celebrities. The survey will reignite the debate on Europe. The Goethe-Institut also offers all participants the chance to win a weekend in Berlin, an iPad and a goody bag full of European films.

Europe is economically and politically in crisis, but it is also a cultural project. What could a European cultural canon look like? A total of 17 questions should give us an idea: what is the most important building? What is Europe’s most important contribution to world culture and which country has the best cuisine?

The survey will be offered in 24 languages: everyone interested in Europe can take part. The results of the survey will show whether we think of Europe as a whole or whether “old friendships” count the most. The opinions of Europe’s neighbours also count: Goethe-Institutes in 30 European countries, their neighbouring countries and (potential) EU member states will take part in the Europe List.

From mid-June 2013 prominent European personalities will reignite the debate on Europe by discussing the results of the survey through radio reports, interviews and essays in DER WELT and on Deutschlandradio Kultur. The project follows on from the 2011 survey the “German List” (Deutschland-Liste) where 13,000 people from 18 countries took part.

The Europe List is a Goethe-Institut project. Our media partners are DIE WELT and Deutschlandradio Kultur.

Europe List website and survey: www.goethe.de/europelist

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