GadgIT-Mat Set to Revolutionise the Way Students Use Their Computers



Young Academic can bring you news of a gadget that is sure to make the lives of students significantly easier. How many times have you been crammed into a seminar or lecture with your laptop and struggled away with your tiny trackpad? Well the ingenious GadgIT-Mat will enable you to get all the benefits of a proper mouse, wherever you are. This crafty gadget will be available from June 10th and we are most definitely of the opinion that it is set to become one of the pinnacles of student technology for 2011.

GadgIT-Mat is quite simply a well-designed laptop mouse platform that is both lightweight and sturdy. The gadget can be securely fitted quickly to most makes and models of laptops and even some Netbooks. You need only set up the device once and then simply attach to your laptop when required and it’s ready to use in a matter of seconds.

Up until now when a flat surface was not available the only option would be to use the track-pad or find something like a book to rest your mouse on. Now, the annoying process of scouring your room for a hardback or CD case will be a thing of the past.

The arrival of GadgIT-Mat is set to change the way we use our laptops. Whether you are relaxing at home on your sofa or bed, commuting on a train, sat in class or in front of the telly doing your overdue essay (or catching up on facebook!), the GadgIT-Mat will make using your laptop a thousand times easier.

GadgIT-Mat has been designed to be used by both right-handed and left-handed people and benefits from a gel wrist support to provide added comfort while also helping to alleviate the common problem of repetitive wrist strain. The product has been specially designed to leave the laptop’s ports and utilities free and fits onto most laptops which are between 13mm and 26mm thick.

The new GadgIT-Mat is the first product to market from the new UK based inventions outfit Healey & Brown Innovations Ltd, and will be followed by a number of other products and accessories.

Already scheduled is a range of great looking mouse mat and gel wrist rest sets which will be available in 5 vibrant colours followed soon after by a protective case.

GadgIT-Mat will be available to buy from 10th June 2011 and will cost just £20. The product can be ordered directly from their website www.gadgit-mat.com.

For further information Email: [email protected]

The GadgIT-Mat has already been receiving praise from industry magazines and blogs. Below is the product’s review in PC Utilities, an authority when it comes to technology.

“Taking your laptop or netbook with you on the move away from home is all well and good, but for many people a trackpad doesn’t quite match the intuitiveness and simplicity of a mouse.

The Gadgit-Mat fixes to your notebook computer and provides a small sturdy platform that your mouse can operate from – it’s a bit too tiny for our liking, but then again portability is paramount in this situation. It shouldn’t be too bad with one of the more compact travel mice available.

It’s easy to fix (and remove), can be used right or left-handed, provides a comfy wrist rest, and fits almost any laptop computer (and some netbooks). It’s inexpensive too, and is a useful accessory if you want a better user experience than you can get with your trackpad.”


PC Utilities Review by David Nield


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