Friday Infographic: The Ageing Population

Ideal Stairlifts - The Ageing Population (graphic)
Remember Infographic Friday? Well, they are back with aplomb. When we asked you guys for some feedback regarding the things you do and don’t like about Young Academic, you said that our infographics were pretty cool, so we have hit  you with a duo today.

It has been a hard week of student news, course guides and academia so these have probably give you a little bit of respite, but don’t worry; we will be back on hand with plenty where that came from next week as well as some exciting music news as well.

The second of today’s infographics  comes from our buddies over at Ideal Stairlifts. Although you may think this brand isn’t entirely suitable for you students (and you would be right), we thought this graphic was pretty interested and so, we decided to share it with you all anyway!

Ideal Stairlifts - The Ageing Population (graphic)

Although this is all a long way off for you guys, it is never to early to look at the statistics and if you have an elderly relative who loves their Facebook or Twitter then get sharing as they will most probably find it very intriguing!

Anway, that is the the end of our Friday Infographic double header for today, we hope you enjoyed them. With the new academic year drawing ever closer, we have another bumper week of exciting course guides and lifestyle pieces lined up so we can be sure you guys have all the information you need before you start your studies.

As is always the case here at Young Academic, if there is anything you want our team of correspondents to cover then all you have to do is reach out via social media or drop us a line at [email protected] You can always submit your own articles for publication too, we will review anything as long as it is useful and interesting!

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