Friday Infographic: 100 & Counting!

As some of our loyal readers will remember, we used to make Friday’s all about infographics here at Young Academic. Well with all of our student news, festival updates and course guides, we kind of put these on the backburner. We do listen to you guys though and many of you had said you wanted to see a return to Infographic Fridays, so we have duly obliged. We have a couple of intriguing graphics for you today…

The first of these infographics is from our friends at TK Encasa, who are one of the nation’s leading suppliers of platform lifts. it discusses some of the fascinating statistics around the fact that more and more people are  living to the ripe old age of 100 and what this means. Better living conditions, stats from the Office for National Statistics, geography and even genetics are mentioned, but we will stop giving the game away and let you take a look for yourselves! Happy reading…

TK Encasa - 100 & Counting (graphic)

It has been a busy old week here at the national student news site and we have been delighted with some of  your feedback on your education news and even the more lighthearted articles. Remember that we are always on the look out for budding young writers to get involved and have their say. it doesn’t matter if you have put together a great infographic like this one, have an opinion piece or want to tell the world about your course or University, just send your articles into us at [email protected] Pending editorial review, you could well see yourself in print in no time.

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