Fear not students! Lazlo is here to make things easier…

Just started uni and feeling a little clueless?

Then VERY LAZY has just the thing for you – a very handy and “very lazy” Student Survival Guide written by our very own Lazlo Vaslavsky!

Head on over to verylazy.com where you can download your free guide designed to help you during Fresher’s Week and beyond. Inside you will find some great cooking tips, useful advice from Lazlo, a delicious recipe to cook for you or your mates as well as some exclusive competitions and freebies.

In case you don’t know, VERY LAZY make a brilliant range of ingredients which are just the thing for creating delicious student grub, whether you’re cooking for the first time or even a dab hand in the kitchen. They make preparing meals much easier and quicker meaning you’ll have more time for studying and socialising. Plus they will add effortless flavour to food – a sure fire way to impress your mates or even that special someone…

Keep a look out in your local supermarket for the handy jars of chopped garlic, ginger or chillies which will save you time in the kitchen as there is no peeling slicing or dicing, and are ideal for stirring into stir fries or pasta dishes. If you prefer something smooth, pick up some of the individual sachets of garlic, ginger and hot chilli pastes which can be squeezed into soups and curries for instant flavour.

VERY LAZY’s new set of cooking concentrates which come in four different varieties – Creamy Chicken, Posh Sausage Casserole, Beef Bourguignon and Coq au Vin – are also perfect for creating delicious meals, even for those who aren’t confident in the kitchen.

All VERY LAZY products can be stashed in the cupboard until you’re ready to use them and, once opened, will keep in the fridge for at least 4 weeks. They’re also incredibly versatile and won’t break the bank.

Check out www.verylazy.com for some great recipe ideas that won’t cost the earth and to find your free Student Survival Guide today.

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