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Sometimes girls can be quite strange. You never know what to expect next! However, there is one tendency that never loses its positions. Today are going to talk about certain reasons why girls like to date older men. We have ten quotes from women about why these men are so appreciated.

  1. They are committed. Of course, there are 40-something men that stick to promiscuity and other types of horrifying sex life. Nevertheless, the great majority of them prefer staying home with a loving woman to everyday change of sexual partners. Promiscuity makes them feel tired and frustrated. That is why faithfulness and commitment, by all means make a great deal for older guys.
  2. They are attractive. Women do not like to get older. It threatens them with wrinkles, unnecessary fat in strange places, menopause etc. Vice versa, men get better with aging. Just google sexiest men alive – most of them are not less than 35. The wrinkled smile on man’s face looks absolutely adorable. Yes, youth is beautiful and healthy but it cannot be compared to 40-something men.
  3. They are established. It is a well-acknowledged fact that a man is always a boy on the inside. Nonetheless, the older he becomes the less his behavior reminds of a teenager. As well, a girl will not be obliged to bring up her husband. Girls become mature much earlier than men do. Mature men just know what they want and do their best to achieve it.
  4. They are good at communication. It is all about the experience. Older men have been in plenty of relationships and, therefore, learnt a lot about how women react, what they like and how to treat them. Mature men also know how important it is to compromise and listen to each other. This significant knowledge is unavailable in younger ages.
  5. They are financially secured. One of the most important things about older men is that they have a career and everything they need for a comfortable life. It does not mean that women who date older guys are gold-diggers. They just know that love can make anything agreeable – but only for a short period. There is nothing wrong with being convenient.
  6. They are intelligent. Let’s get back to older men being established. It is also accompanied by their wide-ranging intelligence. They might be interested in a particular sphere of knowledge – and it makes them even more amazing. Likewise, a smart man is able to keep a great conversation going for a literally immeasurable amount of time. That is what a modern girl wants!
  7. They are sexually experienced. You might have noticed that there are numerous reasons why relationships with older men work perfectly. However, their rich sexual experience alone is a great motivation. Some women say that sex is not that important and marriage can survive without it. Of, how miserably wrong they are! We believe these girls have just never had a great sex partner and, obviously, never achieved orgasm.
  8. They give protection. If a girl is placed in a dangerous situation, she will feel safer with an older man than with a younger man. She is reassured by his wisdom and assume that he will be able to save her from whatever hardship occurs. Yes, an older man is a real knight in shining armor.
  9. They make women feel young. Once again, we have mentioned that frequently women become unattractive with aging. When a woman is always around an older man, she is going to feel young in comparison. If her confidence is low, then dating an older man is sure to boost it.
  10. A woman loves her man. Well, it sometimes happens that people love each other just because… no, not because. They love each other. Full stop.

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