Creative Awards Programme Launched for Students as Part of Clothes Show Live 2011

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Now in its 23rd year, the Clothes Show Live is celebrating yet another year packed full of fashion, catwalks, models, celebrities and shopping.  Young Academic can bring you information on the latest goings-on from the fashion event and it seems it’s not all about all snapping up the hottest must-haves for the season.

For 23 years the Clothes Show Live has been the home of aspiring stars and upcoming fashion trends.  Student fashion youngsters amongst others have had their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the Clothes Show Live because this event is always at the forefront of British fashion.  Young stars have been nurtured and encouraged to stick with their passion despite the fierce competitiveness that is the world of fashion.

New to 2011 is the Graduate Marketplace which gives young students the opportunity to chat to the big fashion brand owners and find out the secrets of their success.  Plus, there are college forums and seminars which give students and graduates the chance to seek guidance and advice on how to succeed in this fast-paced industry.

One little treat that the Clothes Show Live has in store for us this year is the chance to meet educational ambassador, Caryn Franklin, who is highly influential in the fashion industry.  Her 29 years in fashion have given her the chance to build a wealth of experience which is not only inspiring but also changing the way we look at the industry itself.  Her roles at i-D Magazine and TV series Clothes Show have opened her eyes to the world of modelling and given her the chance to have her say through campaigns like All Walks Beyond the Catwalk and Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.  Having worked in education throughout her career, Caryn is the perfect figurehead for this year’s education programme.

It is the Creative Awards Programme that has got our mouths watering this year as Clothes Show Live looks to give yet more youngsters the chance to get ahead in the world of fashion.  This year, the programme has expanded giving not only university students but also school, sixth form and college pupils the opportunity to become the next up and coming star.

The awards are broken down into three categories and each is open to a variety of age groups.


Young Handbag Designer Award

Young Designer Award

Young Fashion Photographer Award

Young Hairdresser Award

WGSN Trend Forecaster Award


Junior Journalist Award

Young Journalist Award

Young Blogger Award

Young Creative Writer Award

Art and Craft

Young Artist Award

Knitted Textile Designer Award

Knitter Award

Young Knitter Award

Those wishing to take part can find full guidelines, brief and prize details on the Clothes Show Live website but you can take our word for it that you will not want to miss out if you are a keen fashion student, journalist or designer.  All the information can be found on the Clothes Show Live site at http://www.clothesshowlive.com/ and http://www.clothesshowlive.com/education.

Keep an eye out on the run up to the event because we are sure to have more student fashion news follow ups as well as all the usual student and education news.  Why not follow us on Twitter @youngacademic and subscribe to our tweets to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest from us!

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