Copy of Pippa Middleton’s Alexander McQueen Bridemaid Dress to go on Sale at Debenhams

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The Young Academic student fashion section continues to gather pace this morning as we can reveal that Debenhams are set to release a budget version of Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaids dress. For just £170, consumers can emulate the look that caught the public eye back in April.

The original dress threw Pippa Middleton almost instantly into fashion stardom as many of the cameras focused on the sister of the bride rather than Kate herself. Not to take anything away from the Duchess of Cambridge who looked dazzling herself.

The figure-hugging, ivory gown which was made by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen was bespoke and served to accentuate Pippa’s slender physique. This inadvertently putt the focus on her toned rear and resulted in the adoration of male admirers and the much coveted ‘Rear of the Year’ nomination duly followed!

After receiving an influx of customers after a similar dress Pippa Middleton’s, high street store Debenhams has produced cut price £170 version which will be available later this summer.

The replica will have a cowl neck and button-detail at the back, the dress emulates Middleton’s tailor made creation as much as possible given the budget price tag.

Alain Mehada, chief personal shopper Debenhams Oxford Street stated; “The ivory dress worn by Pippa is the most requested by far,”

“Both men and women everywhere were instantly talking about Pippa, so naturally brides-to-be will want to emulate her classic look – both for themselves or their bridesmaids.”

In a further effort to give customers an affordable alternative to designer labels, Debenhams has also created a version of the green, floor-length gown by Alice Temperley. Pippa wore this to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s evening reception. Pippa certainly seems to have become somewhat of a fashion icon already.

For those that are interested, child versions of the dresses worn at the Royal Wedding will also be available, modestly priced at around the £50 mark.

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