6 Signs Your Relationship Is Unhealthy

When we meet someone new, we rarely bother to think about what this new affair may bring. Most couples don’t survive the honeymoon phase, it’s known. Why does it happen? You see, nothing comes from nothing. We just fail to realize some obvious things on time. Then, we suddenly face a breakup or stay in a relationship that oppresses us. And sometimes, it’s better to leave this behind. Today, we wish to tell you about a few subtle hints that signal about yours and your partner`s incompatibility. Uncover the truth right now with marrybrides.com!

She manipulates you

Some people are considered to be narcissists – they are completely self-centred. In their view, all other human beings must serve them. Your girlfriend may actually belong to this type. For example, her interests outweigh yours, your efforts remain unnoticed, and you gradually forget what your true nature is like. If you feel she doesn’t care about you and never rewards your good deeds, this is a warning sign. Keep it on your radar!

Your closest people don’t get along with her well

In fact, most of the dating experts believe that any couple should pass the so-called “friends and family test”. The meaning of this phrase is plain – your dear people should click on your second half and vice verse. As they have been around you for all your life, their opinion is valuable. Unfortunately, some people are too different to get along well. If she dislikes your parents or close friends, and they dislike her in return, something must definitely be reconsidered about the two of you.

She brings you down

Do you always feel like you are a bad person? What if this is your partner`s impact? Sometimes, she doesn’t need to tell it directly, her behaviour and attitude will display this instead. Nobody is perfect, neither you are. We all have strong and weak points, and being a couple means you accept some flaws of your beloved. Moreover, you try to change those features for the better with your positive influence. If you never feel secure around your mate, try to figure out what is wrong and how you can fix it.

She requires your attention 24/7

Undoubtedly, this is a red flag. A healthy relationship involves two self-sufficient persons with their own areas of interest, professional ambitions, life goals, and character traits. No matter how much you are in love, you just can’t live the whole life in a vacuum. If your partner can’t stand the fact you have some other enthusiasms apart from her, you should ask yourself a question – is your couple worth something? Besides, you will barely enjoy a company of a girl whose main hobby is actually you.

Your communication is poor

This is the very basic thing for any couple`s success. If you don’t talk about matters that are essential to you both, your relationship will sooner or later come to an end. It’s not about revealing all your secrets at the first date, but it’s totally okay to share some intimate things with your closest ones. If your girlfriend shows no interest in getting to know you better, she is probably not excited about being with you. Lack of communication tackles the emotional distance which usually causes a breakup.

You lack support from her

The mutual backing is another thing that builds a happy couple. We all have some rises and falls. Be it a good time or bad, we need the empathy and compassion. If we don’t get it, we feel even more depressed. During the honeymoon phase, you may not notice the selfishness of your partner. But after you put the pink glasses off, you will face a big emotional gap between you and her. In this case, we would recommend you getting out of this relationship.

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