4 Ideas to Get the Most out of Your Summer Holidays in Europe


If you don’t fancy the traditional family getaway to Wales this summer, Young Academic has some awesome inspiration on how to fill that three-month break and make this a summer to remember! Whatever you choose, throwing away your summer vacation away is not an option.

 Get your Hands Dirty on an Organic Farm

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, WWOOF might be your ticket to paradise this summer. The wwoofer stays on a local organic farm to learn about the ins and outs of farming and gets the opportunity to flex those muscles that may be neglected during your studies. In exchange for approximately 4 hours of work a day, you’ll be provided with food and accommodation or even modest stipends. The farmer on the other hand, gets an extra pair of hands to help with the work and of course, your amazing company.


However, if feeding the pigs in the morning is not exactly your cup of tea, you can find plenty of other working holiday opportunities, from eco or conservations projects, to housework or gardening, or a mixture of everything.

Hit the European Music Festivals

Is camping out, music and beer more up your alley, then Europe has plenty of festivals to offer. We like the look of Exit in Serbia, the Lowlands in the Netherlands, Open’er in Poland, Sonar in Spain, to name just a few. Or what about volunteering at festivals? In exchange for a few hours behind the bar, you get free access to the festival, free food and probably tons of new friends!

 Save the Turtles in Greece

Spending your summer on the beach, while making a difference? It is possible! Head to Greece to help protect the sea turtles, one of its most charismatic sea creatures, while surrounding yourself with amazing people from all over the world. Watching a tiny hatchling make it to the ocean might just be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have, especially when you know that you are directly responsible. There are many volunteer programmes available along Greece’s beaches.

Alpine Thrills

What better way to break away from your books, than by enjoying some full blown action and adventure. The unrivalled sceneries of the French Alps are one of the most exciting destinations for activity holidays in Europe. Get your adrenaline flowing with some canyoning, paragliding, hydro speeding, mountain boarding or quad biking during the day, but make sure you have some energy left to enjoy the buzzing nightlife as well.

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