Students Urged to Steer Clear of Designer Drug Roflcoptr

student news roflcoptr

Students across the United Kingdom have been encouraged to stay well away from the latest chemical substance to hit the streets. The last few years has seen a number of compounds such as M-cat and Krokodyl become readily available but doctors are quick to point out that no research has been done on Roflcoptr (aka Mket).


Students Can Now Continue to Enjoy Purple WKD

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Students around the country will no doubt be rejoicing as the guys that bring you WKD Purple have announced that the beverage is indeed here to stay! Lovers of alco-pops around the United Kingdom enjoyed the latest purple addition to the WKD family so much that it will now become a permanent fixture on the shelves of student union’s and bars across the country.


Young Academic Joins Forces with Exclusive Hair Chester for Fantastic Student Deals

With the new academic year well underway, students will be well and truly into a routine of sleepy lectures, fancy dress shopping and relentless nights out. At Young Academic we understand the effect the last few weeks will have had on your pocket and your beauty regime which is why we are scouring the country for the best deals for you. We’ve got great news for all University of Chester students looking for the perfect excuse to be pampered after a hard few weeks of boozing.


Young Academic’s Top Tips on Student Accommodation and Househunting

student accommodation

Young Academic is continuing its quest to bring you only the most important student news and advice with some great tips on student housing and rent. Luckily for you guys, we have teamed up with AFS to bring you all the advice and guidance you need on very important theme.


Students Given the Chance to Enhance Their Viewing Experience with Courvoisier

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If your student house is anything like ours used to be, then having a fab television on which to play the latest version of FIFA or Call of Duty on is of paramount importance. Many students choose to chip in and buy a widescreen between them but this can often cause problems at the end of the academic year. Well luckily for you, Young Academic has found another great student competition for you in which you can get rid of your old 2D TV set.


Intriguing Recipe Saves Students Time and Money

Young Academic isn’t just interested in student news, festival gossip and career guides. We realise that saving you guys money is of paramount importance, after all beer is expensive these days. This is the first of a number of recipes that use all sorts of ingredients, taste great and don’t cost the earth. The first instalment fuses Bramley apples and…chicken!