Young Academic Student News Flash – Tuition Fee decision day brings further protests

More probing student news as Young Academic learns that today’s tuition fee deadline is to bring a further bout of student protests. In an important day for students nationwide, MP’s are set to vote on the governments funding plans for higher education.

As Nick Clegg becomes alienated yet further from his party, Liberal Democrats are poised to vote against the proposals. This news, fuelling suggestions that Charles Kennedy and his peers are set to form a break away party, reverting to the more popular Liberal Democrat party of previous years.

Clegg , under mounting pressure following the abandonment of his election promises, is begging students to take a closer look at what he called the ‘fairest and best possible’ proposals.

MP’s will start debating the issues at 12.15 today and a final verdict is expected by Young Academic at around 5.30 this evening.

Activists have threatened to ‘shut down’ London as following Nick Clegg’s obvious decision to get into bed with David Cameron and neglect the youth of tomorrow – more scenes of intense protest are to be expected.

Liberal Democrat deputy leader Simon Hughes has said he will abstain or even rebel against the government, giving students some hope that their corner will be fought.

“I have a duty to listen to my local party members and my supporters in my constituency, and they have asked me, on this occasion, to rebel against and break the coalition agreement,” he said.

NUS President Aaron Porter, talking to the BBC urged MPs to “do the honourable thing and vote down these damaging proposals”.

“Students are now descending on Westminster to ensure that promises to voters are kept and they are not sold down the river,” he said.

Keep an eye on Young Academic for all the latest news on this intriguing story. Near London? Why not lend your support.

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  2. It is about time this country started to revolt – in France they do this every week!

    Screw the right wing government – let’s give the power back to the people!!!!

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