Public Sector Workers Fight Back at Elitist Tory System with Mass Strike

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Young Academic today applauds the public sector workers that have implemented a mass union strike. Seemingly fed up of the tory obsession with spending cuts and particularly the attack on well earned pensions, border control staff, teachers and health workers are just some of the sectors that have had enough of George Osbourne and his elitist clan of bigots.

As it stands, today’s public sector strikes have had the following impact:

  • Despite the biggest strike in thirty years (guess who was in charge then), UK transport has actually not suffered too much
  • Cabinet Office Minister predictably calls the 2 million strong strike as “inappropriate, untimely and irresponsible”. What did they really expect?
  • 58% of schools are currently shut. Again, not quite as severe as was expected with predictions of 90% originally put forward.
  • Claims by unions that ‘talks are over’ are denied by the government.

Prime Minister Cameron had the following to say of today’s events in the House of Commons; ” “At our borders the early signs are that the contingency measures are minimising the impact, we have full cover in terms of ambulance services, and only 18 of the 900 job centres are closed,” he said. “So despite the disappointment of the party opposite, who support irresponsible and damaging strikes, it looks like something of a damp squib.”

A damp squib it may be but Unite’s General Secretary feels today prove extremely significant and that working individuals were “being asked to pay for the economic mess caused by the greedy City elite whose behaviour this spineless government has repeatedly failed to tackle”

Young Academic, the UK’s national student portal, will be keeping you informed with all the developments regarding this important issue.

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