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London 2012 Could Prove To Be Springboard for UK Students


With the London Olympics just around the corner, the UK’s supposed ‘lost generation’ is being urged to use this huge event as inspiration and impetus for the future. Young Academic Editor Charles Whitworth examines how young people can use the games to launch their careers and take advantage of the boost that is set to be given to the economy.

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Scottish Independence Back On The Agenda


Prime Minister David Cameron may be indirectly giving a boost to Alex Salmond and his Scottish independence supporters, Young Academic’s education news specialist and features editor Robert Gant reports.

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Military Action Against Iran Would Be Disastrous For The Region


Young Academic Features Editor Robert Gant reports on how the West is hurtling towards disaster as Iran test fires missiles in Gulf. This is the student news portal’s first enthralling opinion piece of 2012 and there will be plenty more where this came from, make sure you follow our RSS feed to make sure you don’t miss a thing…

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Young Academic Interview with Entrepreneur Tom Allsworth


As we head into the third Christmas of the current recession with the outlook showing few signs of improving, many students around the United Kingdom may be wondering how they can shine with the economy in the state that it is. Well Young Academic thought what better way to give you guys some perfect insight into how to succeed in business than an interview with a true success story.

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The Power of Social Media in 2011


Charlie Brooker’s first instalment of his Black Mirror television series has left the general public wondering, how powerful is social media? Have we now become Big Brother? Proven through various events which have occurred over the last few years, it seems social media and the power of the keyboard could be changing the outcome of certain experiences in the modern world. Young Academic looks at the development of social media and the affect it is having on society.

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Public Sector Workers Fight Back at Elitist Tory System with Mass Strike


Young Academic today applauds the public sector workers that have implemented a mass union strike. Seemingly fed up of the tory obsession with spending cuts and particularly the attack on well earned pensions, border control staff, teachers and health workers are just some of the sectors that have had enough of George Osbourne and his elitist clan of bigots.

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